Our Top 5 Self Tanners

Our Top 5 Self Tanners

Let's talk about prep first, always start by exfoliating your body in the shower before you do any self-tanning. We recommend exfoliating all over with a natural scrub (like our 8oz Vanilla Coffee Scrub) and use a body lotion of your choice the day before. Then exfoliate again  (you could try our Original Coffee Scrub too) and shave your legs the day or night you apply the self-tanner. Pro tip: always exfoliate before shaving your legs and not after!! You want your smoothest possible skin before applying your self-tanner! You don’t want any dead/dry skin making your tan streaky or uneven.


1. Loving Tan

If you haven't heard from Loving Tan before, they are a company based out of Australia. With its natural olive undertone Loving Tan deluxe bronzing mousse will give you a natural sexy looking tan within minutes. The color guide technology ensures an easy, streak-free application.

“ I love how instant the tan is, I can quickly get out the door after applying with an instant glow and without feeling sticky and avoiding the product transferring to my clothes.” - Brittney Charest


  • Does not leave that fake tanner smell
  • Comes in both express formula needing only 2 hours to develop and the 8 hour deluxe. 
  • The olive base gives you more a natural bronze color rather than orange.
  • The product drys matte while developing


  • Last about 3-4 days and it starts fading pretty quickly
  • It can be difficult to get it smooth around your hands and feet if they aren’t properly moisturized
  • Needs to be applied with a mitt or it will stain your hands and give you an unnatural orange look



    2. Body Drench Quick Tan Spray


    Body Drench Quick Tan is an instant self-tanner meant to be applied every day and is one of the easiest tan to apply. It contains a spray nozzle to makes it easy to reach tough areas while keeping your hands clean and free of the mess. The color will continue developing throughout the day and you will see your maximum color between 3-5 days of use.

    " I love how quick and easy the spray is! I’ll typically spray my face and arms lightly to keep a constant natural glow." - Estelle Doiron


    • Quick-tanning mist
    • Easy to spray in hard to reach areas 
    • Dries within seconds of spraying and smells nice
    • Bottle can be turned upside down and still sprays evenly 
    • Natural looking tan that develops all day giving you a natural glow


    • Could spray in spots if not shaken well
    • Overspray can get on floor, walls and surrounding area
    • Requires a little more room and something to stand on
    • Walking on excess overspray will turn the sole of your feet dark brown



    3. Freshly Baked London - dark self tan mousse

    (Photo: Rhi-Rhixox)

    Freshly Baked London provides a golden natural looking tan. The mousse allows you to customize the intensity of your tan by leaving to develop for 4 or 8 hours depending on your desire. Freshly Baked London contains vitamins A and E with extracts of Aloe Vera and green tea to give you a flawless and healthy looking skin.


    • Brown color allows you to see exactly where you are applying 
    • Leaves a perfect glow and soft skin 
    • Smells amazing 
    • Good for sensitive skin


    • Only last around 3-5 days
    • Sweats off very easily where you can clearly see the difference between fake tan and your pale skin




    4. St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist

    St. Moriz self-tanner comes in a spray or in a mousse however the mousse formula is way longer lasting as the spray. There is a fresh clean scent to the product when applying it to the body and their fast tan formula allows you to control your shade depending on the depth of tan you like. The spray formula is easy to apply and the mousse is recommended to apply with a mitt to avoid getting stains on your hands.


    • Easy to apply
    • Fast development 
    • Guide is super dark so you can see where you applied
    • Washes off evenly without looking patchy


    • Color transfers to your clothes and sheets
    • Messy if you don’t apply it carefully, make sure to put a dark towel down




    5. Madame LA LA

    (Photo: Lottie Pearce)

    Mousse or Serum - Madame LA LA is inspired by LA, Malibu beach, This self tanner will make you look like you spent 10 days on a beach in Cali. The Hollywood lifestyle, wellbeing, slimming and of course, the anti-ageing rule - delivering the ultimate LA Glow!

    " Love the natural results of this self tanner! It also smells amazing unlike other similar products I’ve tried. I love it so much I’ve now stocked it in my boutique L'Atelier. "  - Joelle Martin


    • Smells like coconut water
    • Hydrates skin while it develops 
    • Separate serum designed specifically for face area with extra ingredients
    • Super easy to blend


    • Instructions are a little confusing
    • You should wait 10 hours before showering


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