How to establish a winning routine

How to establish a winning routine

How to establish a winning routine with Anna-Marie Rocheleau

Meet our girl crush Anna-Marie! She's a 21 year old ball of energy on two legs, ready to help you with her whole heart. Living in Quebec, She loves everything related to personal achievement such as reading, writing, training and food. She shares her good mood, her way of seeing things and her positivity everyday. Today she's sharing with us her way of establishing a winning routine.


Since I set a routine and allowed myself to tame it, I'm definitely more productive and efficient in my days. It's amazing how much my energy levels have increased. I feel more in control and EVERYTHING in fact.


Here are Anna-Marie’s six small steps and tips to tame your routine.


Number one: set your goals

in my opinion it is super important to set yourself achievable goals. For example, setting an approximate bedtime, cooking meals in advance for the week, washing your face morning / evening, drinking 4 liters of water per day, setting a time to wake up, etc.


Take a sheet, chart or agenda and set goals that you want to achieve.


Number two: test

Start testing your new routine, it is very normal to have to adjust certain parts so your routine is stronger and more realistic. The goal is to finish with the right routine. For my part, it took me about two weeks to adjust before having the perfect combination.


Number three: get there gradually

An empire is not built in a day. Take it one day at a time. On my part, one of my goals was to get up at 5:00 AM each morning. So I started getting up at 6:30 AM, I was used to getting up at 8:00 AM and wanted to make the transition more gently. (we sometimes tend to be super motivated the 1st few days and push our limits drastically, this can become discouraging after a few days when fatigue catches up). So there you go, the first morning I got up at 6:30 AM, the second one at 6:00 AM and so on until I got my first goal of getting up at 5:00 AM. It took me a good week and a half before I was able to get up at the desired time each morning.


Number four: adjust your objectives

For some things it was more difficult, so I adjusted my goals based on everything I had practiced and taken into account the results from the past weeks.


Number five: be realistic and indulgent towards yourself

In my opinion it's very important to go gradually and give yourself a chance. I think people give up their winning routines because they're too hard on themselves. It's not the first time you've gotten on your bike that you're ready to go for a marathon. It's the same principle for routine, you have to be patient. However, once it's set in stone, our lives change completely for the better period give yourself time period it will take time.


Number six: maintain your routine

The last and most important in my opinion. Be consistent in your efforts and get the taste of your new routine. Little reminder: you are able to accomplish anything you want; your only limit is your mindset.


Read more about creating your own healthy lifestyle on Anna-Marie's blog.


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