Scrub Hero #1, Victoria Deveau

Scrub Hero #1, Victoria Deveau
Koffee Organics is happy to present to you, one of our very first Scrub Heros. 

A SCRUB HERO is someone who LOVES to scrub and drink coffee, is passionate about their field of work, who OOZES with positivity and is a great example to SOCIETY

Meet Victoria. She's a 20-year-old St. Thomas University student taking criminology and public relations. She enjoys going to sporting events and modelling, and works part time as a barista at a coffee shot in Fredericton. After graduation, she plans to apply to social work programs in Toronto.
Taking bubble baths, travelling to warm destinations, and being with her friends makes her the happiest. 
Victoria also has a blog where she talks about her journey with mental health.
Mental Health Day, Victoria Deveau

#1. What does the word hero mean to you?

To me, the word hero means somebody who I can look up to. Somebody who can lend a helping hand to me through whatever it is that I am dealing with. Definitely somebody I admire.

#2. Who’s YOUR biggest hero?

My biggest hero is probably Blake Lively. She is so simple and natural looking. Whenever I see pictures of her, I don't feel insecure about what I should look like. I feel empowered to be 100% myself. 

#3. What does it mean to feel comfortable in your own skin?

To me, it means waking up in the morning without any makeup and looking in the mirror and still pointing out things I like about myself.

#4. What does your skin routine look like?

I always take my makeup off when I am about to go to bed. I also use my Koffee Skrub in the bath, and then I put moisturizer on after and my skin feels flawless.
Victoria and her friend

#5. What causes are you most passionate about?

Definitely mental health and empowering women.

#6. What do you want people to know about you?

I think the best feeling in life is helping others! I believe that no matter who you are, you deserve a shot at this crazy world we live in.


#7. When did you start drinking coffee?

I started drinking coffee in grade 9.

#8. What was your first experience with Koffee Organic’s scrub like?

It was really refreshing!! I love how organic it is.

#9. Who would you recommend the scrub to?

Anyone who enjoys natural products that help make your skin feel smooth.
Victoria Deveau Model

#10. What’s your biggest dream?

To have a husband, kids and pets!

#11. Best way to spend a girls night?

Watching a movie and drinking tea.

#12. What’s your next adventure?

Hopefully coming to Toronto in the near future to tour around campuses for my next degree!

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