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Travelling Skincare

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Travelling Skincare

Whether it’s camping, going on a vacation, or going to a festival, you want to look and feel as beautiful as possible. Keeping your skin healthy is a great start.

Travelling plays a role in almost everyone’s lives, and we know that most times, taking care of your skin just might be one of the last things on your list of concerns. That’s why we are here to give you five tips on how to keep your skin looking and feeling great wherever you are.

  1. Moisturize


Sometimes, we forget how easy it is to give yourself a quick moisturize with your favorite body lotion. When you go somewhere new, your skin can sometimes react differently to the new environment it’s in. Keeping moisturizer nearby can help with your skins adaptation.

  1. Protect yourself from the sun.


We all love when the sun is shining. You just want to be outside loving the beautiful weather, however, your skin wanted us to let you know that it’s very sensitive to the sun! Getting a sunburn on your first day of vacation can just ruin the whole trip. While you’re out enjoying the sun, make sure to have sunscreen nearby!

  1. Bring routine, not new.

As much as we love to buy new skincare products before going on a trip, your skin actually doesn’t like it. Make sure if you are going to be bringing skincare products that you want to use routinely, bring your usual. Having your skin break out, or having a bad reaction to a new product in the middle of your vacation is the last thing you want to happen.

  1. Wash your face every night.

After long days of exploring in a new environment, you want to make sure those pores get a nice refresher at the end of the day. Even if your face doesn’t feel dirty, there are lots of things that we can’t see with the human eye, so just trust us when we say, wash your face every day!

  1. Exfoliate.


Like you should be doing on a routine basis, we beg of you to not forget about it on your vacation. Much like washing your face every night, removing dead skin and dirt by exfoliating will leave your skin thankful and relieved.

Look, we know you just want to get on with your vacation and not have to worry about anything else, we just wanted to give you a quick reality check on your skin’s behalf.

Sleep, skincare, vacay, repeat.

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