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Skincare Terms and What They Truly Mean

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Skincare Terms and What They Truly Mean

Skincare companies love to use big words that will attract you to their product, but do you know what they mean? Sometimes, the big and beautiful words is not terminology you fully understand and knowing exactly what your products are doing to your skin is very important. We are going to tell you about a few of those terms and what they truly mean to expand your knowledge of skincare.

Active Ingredients are ingredients that professionals put in their products that have a biological affect on your body. This isn’t a bad thing; it just means that an ingredient that they put in their products will show specific results based on what ingredients they use. For example, Vitamin E is an active ingredient that prevents signs of aging. 

Anti-inflammatory is a term that describes the reduction of skin irritation, redness, and swelling. It may be surprising to you, but coffee is a natural ingredient that acts as an anti-inflammatory used in several skincare products.

Antimicrobials are substances that are used to kill or slow down the growth of microorganisms such as bad bacteria and fungi. Antimicrobials are also commonly known as an anti-bacterial. Honey is an antibacterial that can be used to protect wounds from infections that are caused by the exposure of bacteria.

Antioxidants are agents that protects your skin from free radicals. Free radicals are chemical cells that find other healthy cells to attach to, causing a negative reaction which can lead to health problems. Vitamin C is a popular antioxidant to use in skincare ingredients because it is water-soluble (can be dissolved in water) which makes it easy to add in liquid products.

Biodynamic is when organic ingredients that are used in products were harvested and raised in an effective and healthy manner. There are biodynamic farms that do not use any pesticides or chemicals of any sort, and the products that they produce get recycled and reused in every way possible. Calendula is an ingredient used in skincare ingredients that can be biodynamically farmed.

Brightening is a term that is used to describe the removal of dullness and uneven pigmentation in the skin, which makes for brighter, more even skin. Licorice root is an ingredient used in brightening products such as serums.

Dermatologist Tested products are the one’s that the skincare professionals have tried on themselves to make sure they are safe for use. Of course, they don’t use the product all over their body the first time because well, that’s just not very smart. The products are generally tested on a small area of the skin to ensure there are no negative reactions. However, you must always be aware of your own reactions to skincare products too. Always check for any potential allergy ingredients and test out the product on a small spot on your body to make sure there is no negative reaction. Just because it reacted fine to the professionals does not mean they will always work for you.

Fragrance-free is frequently misconstrued and mistaken with unscented. These two terms are very different. Fragrance-free is referred to as there being no extra ingredients added to the product to enhance the smell. However, the initial ingredients may contain a natural fragrance. For example, eucalyptus is a natural ingredient but smells quite strong. The term unscented is used to describe products that may have contained a natural fragrance beforehand, but ingredients were added to remove the scent completely.

Hypoallergenic is a term that is used to state that it is a product that has been proven to have a very low chance of causing allergic reactions. These are the types of products that people who are known to have sensitive skin and a lot of allergies will go to. However, if you do have an allergy to a specific ingredient, be sure to always check the ingredients in the product you’re looking to use. You should always be safe rather than sorry!

Non-comedogenic means that it is a product that prevents clogging your skin. These are generally products made with full intentions of removing excess oil from your skin that causes things like acne and blackheads. Sweet Almond Oil is a popular ingredient used in non-comedogenic products because it is known for removing sebum (oil produced by sebaceous glands in your body) which is the main cause of acne and breakouts.

Paraben free products are products that do not contain chemical ingredients used to preserve a product to make it last longer. Many of the ingredients used as preservatives are very unhealthy. It might be your best bet to find a product that may not last as long because chemicals are not worth it. However, there are many natural skincare products that do not use chemical ingredients that will last for a long time, you just have to know where to look.

Skin Barrier Products are products or ingredients you apply to your skin to fix and enhance the protective layer of skin your body produces to hold in water and essential oils your body needs. Your skin makes a natural barrier, but it can sometimes get damaged. Sun exposure is the most common way to get skin barrier damage. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized is the best way to protect your skin from barrier damage.

You see these terms on skincare products all the time. Maybe you already knew what they meant but digging deeper into the real meaning of these terms just helps you to better understand what terms you should be looking for to treat your skin as effectively as possible.

Treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated.

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