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6 Very Useful DIY Body Scrub Tips

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6 Very Useful DIY Body Scrub Tips

Did you know...

You can make your own custom scrubs with a few simple ingredients? Seriously, just look on Pinterest, and you'll find tons of awesome recipes!

Do you know what else? Homemade scrubs make AMAZING Christmas gifts! So if you want to spoil your friends and family with homemade scrubs, keep reading for our best tips and tricks to make sure your scrubs are a hit!


1. Use sugar as an exfoliant base 

Sugar is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the environment into the skin. So when you apply products with sugar or sugar derivatives, they’ll actually help hydrate your skin and keep it moisturized. It’s also environmentally friendly!

Always avoid microbeads or other plastic exfoliants.

2. Use organic oils for sensitive skin

Don’t risk it! The human skin is an extremely sensitive organ. The last thing you want is to clog your friends' pores over the holidays. Organic oils are the best way to avoid bad break outs and rashes.

3. Test it out

Once you’re happy with your scrub, take it for a test drive. Turn on the shower and see for yourself if you’re happy with the scent, scrub and moisturizing benefits of your home made gem.

If you're not, tweak your recipe! 

4. Get water proof labels/tags 

Been there, done that.

Body scrubs typically hang out in humid areas. To keep your gift looking snazzy, make sure your tags and labels are waterproof so they don't peel off.

5. Pick the right package

Think that Mason jar is cute? Think again… As much as it may look the part, avoid glass jars at all cost. Body scrubs are used in slippery, wet areas and we like avoiding injuries as much as possible.

6. Buy in bulk

Carefully measure and plan for how much of each ingredient you will need. Making homemade scrubs for holiday gifts can definitely make your bank account happy, but having left over ingredients can be a big waste.

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