5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Let’s face it – Today’s world is full of insecurity, anxiety and stress. We say NO!

We strive to promote confidence and self love.

Here’s a list of easy tricks to make you feel great about yourself when you're feeling down (and won't cost you a penny)!

If you have these skills perfected – YOU GO GIRL!! Be a gem, and share them with a friend who might need a boost. 


#1. List your strengths

It’s important to take the time to identify your strengths. No we’re not talking about those squats at the gym. Sit down and make a list of your top strengths — aim for 10 and be creative!

Lock up your modest internal editor in another room. Don’t be too humble, be accurate, and be easy on yourself. 


#2. Celebrate your wins

Boost your well-being by acknowledging your achievements, big and small. After creating an endless to-do list, getting through a hectic day and realizing you have an even bigger list tomorrow, it’s likely that you will overlook what could be a major source of daily happiness.

Eating a healthy breakfast, saying "no" to someone, taking time for yourself, going to the gym, facing a fear, or even completing a small task should be considered an achievement!


#3. Accept compliments

Do you deflect compliments? While most people often can't fully accept compliments, YOU need to make sure you start believing them.

First - stop thinking that accepting compliments makes you conceited.

Second - it’s okay to let yourself feel proud of something you did. It’s quite possible to be modest, while still being grateful and gracious.


#4. Feel good about your financial situation

Most people have financial trouble at some point in your life, but if you are able to pay your bills, save some money, and still splurge from time to time, you're way ahead of the game.

Knowing that you have fewer debts, money for emergencies, and a retirement plan in action can reduce your stress. You sleep better, your overall health improves, and you feel happier about life.


#5. Don’t “should” yourself

I should go to bed earlier,” “I know I should meditate more,” “I should probably cut out sugar,” and “I shouldn’t drink as much wine.”

Feeling guilty and overwhelmed breeds inaction and stagnancy, so the more you feel like you “should” do something, the less likely you’ll actually do it. Getting in touch with “what’s most important to me right now?” is a fantastic way to strip “should” of its unwarranted power.

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