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5 thoughts for an EPIC March

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5 thoughts for an EPIC March

Winter? Spring? What March 2018 has in store for you:

Getting your tank tops ready, while keeping your winter jacket close. March, as we all know, can be full of vacation time, unexpected snow storms and beautiful spring weather. This blend of dry skin, short lived sun tanning and double insulated wool crop tops, brings along this list of 5 ways to make this March EPIC!




 1. National plant a flower day! (Monday March 12th 2018) 

Who doesn't love flowers? Grab some seeds, planting trays, a bag of soil and prepare yourself for a flower filled spring. They're an inexpensive way to decorate a dull space, bring new life to a flower bed or even gift to someone special!





 2. Get your skin prepped for spring!

Going away? Exfoliate! Staying home? Exfoliate! Exfoliating before getting those UV rays will ensure an even tan and healthier skin to make it last longer. Exfoliating with a coffee-sugar scrub removes toxins, dead skin and promotes blood flow to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Summer here we come!





 3. First day of spring! (Tuesday March 20th 2018)

Birds chirping.. Green grass growing.. 50% chance of snow flurries with sunshine! SPRING IS HERE! Keep watering those flowers you planted on March 12th and prepare for blooming beauties.





 4. Summer is coming we swear...

After a long day, exfoliate that dead skin and keep prepping for summer. Drink lots of water and stay true to your skin care routine. On top of a full body scrub, we love pampering ourselves with Lou La Belle's Glowing Skin Package , and relax in the comfiest Dee Silkie Kindess Boxers  ! (These boxers are meant to serve as a reminder to be kind to yourself and other)





 5. National Girl Gang Appreciation Day! (Monday March 26th 2018)

'Scuze me what?! HELL YES YOU READ RIGHT! Transplant those blooming flowers in cute pots and treat your besties! National Girl Gang Appreciation Day is here! Not using that green thumb? We have all the goodies you need to show your appreciation and then some. It gets better... We are now offering FREE shipping with purchases of $50 or more. Sayyyy Whaaaaaa ??  Body Scrubs and Bath Bombs for everyone!! PROMO CODE FREE50


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